Leadership, editing, and training
Sarah Keenan, Writing and Editing Intern at Liahona Magazine

Olivia was my editor in chief when I worked as the managing editor at the BYU linguistic journal, Schwa. I had worked with Olivia many times before in editing classes, but I never really understood her competence at every aspect of editing and her natural ability to lead others until I worked under her in the student journal. When Olivia inherited the title of editor in chief, the Schwa team had no returning members other than herself. Since the last staff had not published anything the previous semester, she also had no experience completely publishing a journal issue. Olivia recruited 20 other students (myself included), most of which attended every meeting and committed to returning next year. She got people excited about editing and, since a lot of the newcomers were inexperienced with editing, she also gave multiple trainings to help the staff improve their edits. She learned everything she needed to know about publishing a journal in her free time, and had a new issue of Schwa to present the staff at the end of the semester. Olivia is an excellent leader and will be a huge benefit to anyone looking for a great editor.